Languages & Frameworks

We use .Net Core to engineer web-based applications. .Net Core is a platform that allows to write enterprise-level applications for fast and reliable development of software, that is long-lasting and flexible. We usually use C# when writing for the .NET platform.

TypeScript, ein Superset zu JavaScript, ist eine Skriptsprache, welche im Browser zur Anwendung kommt. Mittels TypeScript lassen sich kleine wie auch grosse Webapplikationen modern und zuverlässig umsetzen.

VueJS is a Javascript-Framework used for developing modern and appealing browserbaser frontends. Thereby, VueJS is a framework that allows to both write complex and simple applications. Compared to its competitors, Angular or React, VueJS requires less upfront work while still staying flexible.

React ist ein Javascript-Framework für die Entwicklung von modernen und ansprechenden browserbasierten Frontends, ähnlich wie VueJS. Im Gegensatz zu VueJS ist React noch stärker auf funktionale Programmierung fokussiert und setzt neue Massstäbe in der Entwicklung von modernen Webapplikationen.

The future is container. That’s why we use Docker, which allows for a simple and scalable deployment of applications. Docker not only works perfectly in the cloud, it also allows to deploy services on-premise while increasing stability and reliability.

Infrastructure & Software

Amazon is with Amazon Web Services the larges provider of cloud-based services. Our multi-year experience in various aspects of AWS allow us to support you when migrating or running services in the cloud.

We are certified Amazon Cloud Practicioner(2020) and certified AWS Solutions Architect – Associate (2020),

Auf unseren physischen Servern kommt Proxmox zum Einsatz. Ein moderner, offener Hypervisor (ähnlich wie VMWare ESXi), auf Basis dessen wir eine Vielzahl von virtuellen Maschinen und Diensten betreiben. Dies ermöglicht es uns, unsere physischen Maschinen möglichst optimal auszulasten.

When using servers, we usually recommend Linux (Ubuntu is preferred). That allows us having low licence costs to deploy applications which are running reliable and using various automation tools.

Only the best is good enough. That is why IDEs from JetBrains, which help us perfectly in our daily business.


We work with Scrum. But agile working – for us – does not mean working with out a plan. It means having short feedback cycles and working close with the customer with short iterations. This enables us to write software that matches the expectations of our customers.


We are certified Amazon Cloud Practicioner(2020) and certified AWS Solutions Architect – Associate (2020),

Wir sind zertifiziert mit Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) (2021).

We are ITIL Foundation in IT Service Management 2011 (2016) certified. ITIL is a collection of best practices for an efficient and effective IT organisation.